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men cut marble to cut our graves...tell us we need something to remind us ...

I love thinking back on those moments really worth living you know?

When youre having a super bad day and you think back on something truly euphoric it can make anything better.

Today I started playing fever and mirrors and it reminds me of being in austin and deciding I wanted to move there. Then that leads to me actually seeing Conor Oberst and being truly one of the happiest moments of my life. (sad but not from my point of view)

Some really shitty things can happen but knowing that there are more great things to come really makes life worth living.

I feel bad for those people that don't take chances. That just want to be safe. I'm about to make life altering decisions. If I choose the wrong thing I could end up in poverty for the rest of my life. Interesting right? I love having this much power over my life. Luckily I dont like drugs or expensive clothes. haha.

Yeah I'm trying to move out and I'm buying a new car. I don't want to end up screwing myself over, ya know? But it's exciting. I have to go buy the car at noon today. Hopefully I'm getting another oldsmobile. I love those cars. Then I won't feel so guilty for selling Roxanne. I can't wait to name my new car. heheheh ok i'm a dork. But this is exciting knowing these are the moments that shape your life.


So it's true the trick is complete youve become everything you said you never would be...youre a fool...youre a FOOL!
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