upyours_cunt (upyours_cunt) wrote,

oh what the fuck

uh jk. but i'm about to go to work.

at OTB.

I'm moving out with amber and randy.

in like 20 days to somewhere in dallas.

i think i want to go to hairschool.

then suddenly yesterday i had this huge doubt.

but also i was high.

but i realized i haven't cut or dyed hair in months. ever since i've been growing out my mohawk.

which i guess makes sense. but i used to live for that.

now i only think of dying my hair once a week.

but i bet if i dyed it. i'd get addicted again.

idk. i bet you make bank as a salon worker.

i just don't want to settle ever for a less than perfect life.

i want a loft. boyfriend. tattoos. everything. ah. i can't wait.

but should i go to school now?
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