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I'm gonna get to the bottom of this...Gonna peel back my skin! and look at myself shaking n shiverin

This weekend was the best.


I got out of church and called Megan and she was in Dallas so we met in Garland at the WalMart. Then we went to Deep Ellum and went to the tattoo shops and such. Then we went to Nick's apartment and hung out and went swimming then Nick got really high.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ha isn't that cute? My brother wouldn't get high because I was there I think. Jake was there and Alex and Jeff Patty and us people... Oh and before Jeff Patty got there me and Megan were all paranoid that Nick didn't want us there so we tried to jump over the fence in the back and he came out through the front and asked us WTF we were doing! It was so funny. So that's when we went swimming...yeah. Just me and Megan though because I think they were high ...then my bro came over. Then Jeff came over and we played Mario 3 on Nintendo. Ohhh yeahhh...Then we went to hang out with this guy Drew from the band The Background (http://battleofthebands.com/thebackground )VOTE FOR THEM FOR THE WARPED TOUR! And we went to University Of Texas in Dallas and it was THE GREATEST THING EVER! I fell in love! They had this art museum and Student Union ...ok all normal things but I just DID fall in love ...I don't know why. And then we played pool and ping pong. Then Megan's ex left her a mean message and it was horrible and gave me another reason to hate guys...it made me feel so angry for her. It was the best day I've had in years. Seriously...DEEP ELLUM AND COLLEGE IN ONE DAY! What more would I ask for? I got home an hour late for curfew. Like at midnight. But it was ok.

Then today was pretty mehhh...Jeff went and saw me after school but I was in a hurry because my mom left me this cryptic message and I was about to puke from worry. I hate her because she ruins my life more and more each day....oh well...I dont hate her hate her...I will hate her less when I leave.

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