upyours_cunt (upyours_cunt) wrote,

backpackwedgie (11:17:29 PM): you
thomjp73 (11:17:39 PM): you!!!
backpackwedgie (11:17:44 PM): no
backpackwedgie (11:17:56 PM): so who are you going to prom with?
thomjp73 (11:18:15 PM): not kim
thomjp73 (11:18:26 PM): that's as far as i've gotten
backpackwedgie (11:18:28 PM): why not?
thomjp73 (11:19:05 PM): we decided that if i went with her, i'd probably be miserable the entire night
backpackwedgie (11:19:24 PM): why would that be?
thomjp73 (11:19:49 PM): cause i'd probably want to hang out with somebody else
backpackwedgie (11:19:59 PM): I see
backpackwedgie (11:20:16 PM): so is there anyone else you have in mind?
thomjp73 (11:20:55 PM): well...
thomjp73 (11:20:55 PM): no not at all
thomjp73 (11:21:32 PM): i know who i'd like to go with, but that's out of the question
backpackwedgie (11:21:41 PM): kk?
thomjp73 (11:22:05 PM): yep
thomjp73 (11:22:05 PM): you guessed it
backpackwedgie (11:22:10 PM): ah
backpackwedgie (11:22:36 PM): I was also thinking of saying sp, but you wouldn't know who I was talking about.
thomjp73 (11:22:46 PM): like hell i would
backpackwedgie (11:22:55 PM): haha, so you think
thomjp73 (11:22:59 PM): one stephanie puente?
backpackwedgie (11:23:03 PM): nope
backpackwedgie (11:23:07 PM): service pack
backpackwedgie (11:23:09 PM): nope
backpackwedgie (11:23:29 PM): sarah?
thomjp73 (11:23:44 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
thomjp73 (11:23:50 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
thomjp73 (11:23:56 PM): now i understand
backpackwedgie (11:24:02 PM): do you?
backpackwedgie (11:24:10 PM): so what about her, would you take her?
thomjp73 (11:24:32 PM): possibly
thomjp73 (11:26:05 PM): all the good ones are takne
thomjp73 (11:26:10 PM): *taken
backpackwedgie (11:26:28 PM): yeah, sorry, but I'm taken too
thomjp73 (11:26:46 PM): that's just sick jeff
backpackwedgie (11:27:37 PM): yes
thomjp73 (11:31:02 PM): guess i could just skip prom altogether
backpackwedgie (11:31:11 PM): nope, you can't
thomjp73 (11:31:35 PM): is it against the rules or something?
backpackwedgie (11:31:44 PM): yeah, kinda
thomjp73 (11:32:44 PM): <FONT COLOR="#00ff00" FACE="Comic Sans
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